A Rock Coral Reefs Resort

A Rock Coral Reefs Resort

In the year 2017, we have created an iconic retreat for people who can break from their busy lives and restore their souls.

A Rock Coral Reefs started from Maldives Signatures villa concepts. The idea is to bring the sense of elements from the Maldives into Langkawi island. Coral Reefs Resort is a stylish villa embedded on a jungle-clad hillside above the ocean. We believe our resort is the perfect venue for travelers from all around the world.

We are blessed to have developed our resort in one of the best locations in Langkawi Island. Taking a page from the Maldives concept, our swimming pool, “The Pool of Stars,” is surrounded by the luxurious rooms.

Daylight, our guests wake up to Maldives’ magnificent view, especially when the sunlight passes through and reflects the vivid blue colour of the pool. Nighttime, the Pool of Stars shows the once-a-lifetime view that plucks the stars from the sky and transforms into the beautiful pearl in the pool. No matter the timing, our unique scenery ensures you leave with a memory worth a lifetime, bringing the romantic feeling to the next level.

Seeing is truly believing, we welcome you to have your own unique experience in our resort for your next visit to Langkawi Island.

Comfortable stay 

Our resort consists of total of 72 rooms with 3 different categories: A) Forest Retreat, B) Pool View and C) Pool Connect. Each room comes with a king size bed or double single bed. Simplicity & Clarity is the key design to our resort rooms. Our beds are made out of Natural latex where it is soft but supportive at the same time. Washroom is covered by natural canvas to bring the experience from Maldives Elements. 

The view

Guests can enjoy privacy breathtaking views of the pool of stars , the chirping sound of birds and sea breeze will surround each room to create a relaxing environment. 

Untouched Flora and Fauna 

Natural environment is a priceless part of our heritage plants and souls help to purify the air forests that act as natural shades. A healthy natural environment is vitally important for our resort and it is our responsibility to protect it.

the word

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