A Rock Limestone Resort

A Rock Limestone Resort

Sitting on a hilltop surrounded with greeneries and magnificent sea view, the Santorini resort, and the natural landscape around provide a unique development project for A Rock Group. Our second resort sees the fusion of the world-famous Aegean Sea landscape with the local flora and fauna.

A Rock Santorini resort will be built on a sliding landscape, with a mixture of natural scenery. The ground slopes outwards and downwards towards the outer perimeter, giving it the unique feature as a thematic resort. On top of our Santorini resort, our build concept includes the most-recognisable and to-be-tourism hotspot: Santorini Glass House to be on the top of the resort.

The Glass House of Santorini concept shall be the most sought-over venue for ceremonies, weddings, and other events. Blessing and romantic venue for conducting a wedding and enjoy the moment of travel with your loved one.

We believe this will be the next Instagram-mable hot spot to check-in for the tourists who visit Langkawi Island.

Comfortable stay 

There are a total of 100 rooms with three categories. Starting with a family room that included a dry kitchen, sitting room, and balconies; a Couple room with or without sitting room design. Besides, we added a plan, including a room with a swimming room, and a few of it can enjoy the beautiful sea view from the balconies.

The view

Sunset view is also a favorite of most of our guests. They can enjoy the sunset moment with their family, friend, or beloved while swimming in the infinity pool beside The Glass House.

Natural Flora and Fauna

The natural environment is a valuable part of our heritage plants, and souls help purify the air forests that act as natural shades. A healthy natural environment is vitally important for our resort, and it is our responsibility to protect it.

the word

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