Future Projects

Conceptual Medical Centre

Part of A Rock’s vision is to contribute to the medical and Healthcare Access for Langkawi. A Rock Hospital will provide convenient and accessible world-class healthcare services or consultation for nearby residents or foreign tourists. We will ensure that high-quality services offered are affordable. A Rock Hospital will be applying modern architecture design, thus providing a clean and safe environment for the patients and visitors.

The Hospital will be a leading healthcare provider in Kuah Town, Langkawi. It will provide standard clinical services and treatments like general sickness consultancy, accident & emergency, surgery, primary care medicine, nutrition services, sports medicine, child health, and various rehabilitation and health wellness programs. We will try our best to offer a broad spectrum of services as possible.

Conceptual Modern Surau

The Modern Surau serves as a prayer house for the district community, with more parking spaces and well-equipped facilities. Our mosque is designed to fit at least 100 people with the designated praying area for men and women.

Our conceptual design includes a mixture of traditional Muslim spiritual along with modern creative design. The exterior will be simple yet elegant, the walls of the building are engraved with Islamic scripture, and natural sunlight will penetrate fully into the room. The colour will be mainly in white and grey with some sacred and peaceful elements for the interior design.

In addition to the above, our mosque will be the Spiritual Knowledge Centre for social workers in Langkawi and aims to increase the study environment and improve spiritual education. Social workers worldwide can have a sharing space to exchange opinions and build relationships with each other.

Conceptual University College

A Rock Langkawi University College will be a leading private university college committed to pursuing education excellence through scholarship, research, and enterprise. Our university college includes the development of new technologies and addresses some of the world’s most pressing challenges through its academic research efforts.

The University will actively expand its research and development unit, thus establishing itself on the global stage. There will be much more investment in improving its staff training and facilities, including building a modern art teaching center, learning spaces and research laboratories while offering the best sports facilities. A Rock Langkawi University College researchers’ courses and academic studies shall be amongst the most highly cited and sought-after programs globally. Our work engaged in cross-border and multidisciplinary collaborations. Our graduates will thrive in discovering new ideas and opportunities in Langkawi, adjacent to some of the best public, medical and social amenities in Langkawi.

Conceptual Serviced Residence

The Serviced Residence (also known as a service apartment or an extended stay apartment) is a fully furnished apartment available for a short-term or long-term stay, providing hotel-like amenities such as room services, and housekeeping. The Serviced Apartment’s surrounding area will be covered with green grass and some greeneries decorated around the premises.

Our Service Apartment includes some of the must-have public amenities, such as swimming pool, gymnasium, clubhouse, indoor badminton court, kids play garden, landscape garden, park, and others.

Reflecting a modern living lifestyle, A Rock serviced residence construction plan’s ideal concepts as below:

  • Three blocks of 11 levels residential consist of 12 units per level for a total of 396 available residential units.
  • Two-level retail and commerce shops, with an approximate capacity to house 60 merchants.
  • Two levels of parking lot including approximately 600 parking space
  • Unit available size from 800sqft to 1200sqft.

We will also offer the finishing package with a wide range of prices to make sure that it is affordable. People from all levels of income will be able to enjoy their stay in our service apartment.

Conceptual Duty-Free Luxury Shopping Mall

Our mall provides the first-ever duty-free shopping platform in Langkawi. The mall shall carry famous and luxurious brands worldwide, from accessories to fashion.

A Rock Shopping Mall will provide the best shopping experiences for social gatherings, entertainment, performances, product launch, promotions, and festivals. Our shopping mall is indeed the paradise for shoppers, where it is a place where one ought to be entertained for a number of hours.

We are looking to house famed brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes, H&M, etc. Luxury brands can fulfil the high-end demands of quality tourists that visit Langkawi island. The influx of tourists demands leads to including varieties of products and attracts more visitors to the mall. With more brands opening up stores on this island, we can increase local employment and create an overall boost to the town’s economy.

More than a shopping mall, this building will become another landmark of Langkawi. The building’s modern architecture and design will be a tourist attraction and a shopper’s paradise. The A Rock Shopping Mall will only rival the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Conceptual Eye of Langkawi

The Eye of the Langkawi/ Malaysia will be one of the largest Ferris wheels in the world, and it consists of 30 capsules (cabins) with telescopes installed. The cabins are made of glass to have a panoramic view of Langkawi City. The A Rock Group believes that The Eye of Langkawi will become the next hot spot in Penarak, Langkawi.

Aside from Eagle Square & Glass Bridge, the usual hot spots in Langkawi, the Eye of Langkawi will join our A Rock landscape series and become the next biggest landmark in Langkawi Island, Kedah.

Conceptual Transportation Structure

A Rock Group will be the designer and contractor for the main Bus Terminal of A Rock City, ensuring the most efficient transportation throughout Langkawi. It will consist of shuttle bus services within the city and the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) & Helipad platform for more luxury services.

A Rock Group will include shuttle bus services for Airport Transfers and offering tourist tours within the town. We will also set up GrabCar pickups and drop off zones within the A Rock City to further enhance Langkawi’s transportation system. Furthermore, A Rock Group would love to cooperate with the related government sectors and agencies to construct a proper plan to build MRT (Metro Railway Transit) surrounding Langkawi Island.

Last but not least, a Helipad platform will be built on the bus terminal for Luxury services and VIPs drop-off in Langkawi. All these transport systems will be reviewed from time to time to ensure that they are up-to-date and always giving the best in-ride experience to both tourists and residents.

Conceptual Hotel (High Rise Building)

A Rock Group is planning to develop a third Hotel in the future, A Rock Hotel. It will be a 13-15 floor highrise building with luxury reflection glass design to provide a luxurious experience for the hotel guests. With the modern glass design, our hotel guests will be staying in premium suites and enjoy a 360-degree view covering sea view, Eagle Square view, green view, and Limestone resort view.

The Hotel will probably be more futuristic, which is perfect for tech-savvy travelers. The technological facilities, including taking in robots, virtual reality rooms, floating beds, and others. We will also be featuring Smart systems in every room.

Conceptual Dinosaur Themed Park

The 80s to 90s generation are no strangers to the prehistoric dinosaur concept, thanks to the pop and movie cultures such as “Jurassic Park” series that were the entertainment back then. The fantasy that gives the fossil life back to the animated and moving dinosaurs pretty much educated our generation about the lives and condition back to the Mesozoic era.

Fast forward 20 years later, our current generation may not be as enthusiastic about our Earth’s history, back to the living era of the prehistoric mammals and reptiles. Our technology has indeed improved exponentially, and hence infusing the current technology into our theme park, it will be the once-a-lifetime experience for both parents and the younger generation. The interactive theme park brings back memories for the parents and the excitement will be a great learning experience for the younger ones. With dinosaurs, our guests will leave the theme park knowing different types of dinosaurs, their complex names, varied habits and habitats, interesting timelines, and different features. There’s always more to learn when it comes to these prehistoric creatures.

The A Rock Dinosaur Park includes tourist’s check-in attraction sites. Visitors can try to feed the dinosaurs, playing around in a giant spider web, dinosaurs riding, Dino Kart, Pterosaurs Nest (Rock Climbing) and some other carnival games to sum up the whole Dinosaur Park tour.

Conceptual Indoor Themed Park

If the outdoor amusement park were said to be a thrilling paradise for adults, then our A Rock Indoor Amusement Park would be a joyful paradise for children. The amusement park will be rivaled only to Berjaya’s Times Square and Genting Highland Indoor Theme Park.

There with only a handful of choices for indoor activities available in Langkawi, with that of Underwater World Langkawi, Langkawi Art in Paradise 3D Museum and Kompleks Budaya Kraf (Cultural Craft Complex). We noticed that there is a vacuum for a proper indoor amusement park serving families to enjoy their Family Day together.

As such, A Rock Indoor Amusement Park will be a multi-themes amusement park including natural themes, fantasy themes, futuristic theme, and more. We will also launch our very own limited edition and exclusive souvenirs as well as cafes that offer both heavy and light food and beverages within the amusement park. It shall be a new tourism spot to cater for the coming family to enjoy sightseeing, relaxing while having fun all day.

Conceptual VIP Holding Area

Our VIP Holding Area will be on of the most important aspect of our blueprint going forward. The VIP area serves our honorable guests, celebrities, delegates from respective countries and country leaders. Our VIP area will be the first impression of the VIPs of Langkawi from the moment they set foot on Langkawi island, and the lasting impression before their departure. As such, our VIP lounge will be the best of what Langkawi island can offer.

Our Services being included here such as:

  • Helipad Area for aerial landing and take off;
  • High-end refreshments while waiting for the transit to and from Hotel;
  • Professional security escort services by national police / specially assigned bodyguards;
  • Luxury transportation service to Hotel via luxury cars including chauffeur services;
  • Private concierge service including restaurant booking services for the VIPs.

A Rock Group assumes the responsibility to ensure the VIPs to experience the best of Langkawi Island. By making a good first impression, we look forward to their revisit to the island with top notch services. We are confident that our luxurious service will spread through the word of mouth from our VIPs to friends and families, which then brings in celebrity tourism culture to the island.